Industrial & 3 Phase

3 Phase (or 3 Line) power drives the machinery that keeps you going, so you need engineers you can trust to react quickly if things go wrong.
NIC Contractor

Due to its complexities, many electrical companies choose not to undertake 3 Phase installations, but not only do we install 3 Phase, we're also fault-finding and repair specialists. That means if you encounter a plant or equipment problem, or if your system breaks down, you can rely on Elec-Tech to respond fast and effectively, usually within the hour.

Our other services include:

  • Electric Motor repairs and rewinds: we are specialists in motor and rewind repairs, providing rapid response maintenance that will get your equipment up and running with the minimum of disruption. We are also able to provide a full panel design, build and installation service.
  • Single & Three Phase electrical installations to farms, factories, warehouses etc.
  • EICR Electrical inspection and testing for large installations and 3 Phase equipment
  • Sub-main supplies and steel wired armoured cabling for underground and heavy duty applications
  • Lighting design, cable trunking, cable tray and 3 Phase mains distribution including the installation of welder sockets, conveyors, machine plant and equipment, Auger supplies etc.

Elec-Tech are industrial & 3 Phase specialists. Don’t wait for your machinery to grind to a halt, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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