Commercial Electricians for maintenance and breakdowns

Commercial Electricians carry out services across a broad variety of industries supporting 3 phase installations, maintenance and breakdowns across Norwich & Norfolk.
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Commercial Electricians carry out work for shops, leisure centres, offices, art galleries and more. We’ve got the solution to match both the size of your premises and your budget. Our previous clients have also included public houses, car dealerships and hotels.

More than that, if you ever experience a problem with your electrical or lighting system we’ve got you covered: we are fault finding and breakdown specialists, and you can trust us to respond quickly whenever issues arise (usually within the hour). We understand how vital it is to keep your business running with the minimum amount of disruption possible.

Our other services include:

  • installation of Dado trunking and 13 amp sockets for computers
  • installation and relocation of CAT 5’E’ and CAT 6’ points for telephone and data

…but that’s only the beginning of what we offer.

If you have premises that require a new electrical system, or if your current electrical installation needs maintenance, contact us today.


What do commercial electricians do?

Commercial electricians carry out work in both new and existing business premises. We work with businesses looking to expand/begin their journey in new or existing premises by working with the customer and developing an electrical system suitable for the needs of the business. Commercial electricians can also help keep the electrical system in your business premises safe and reliable by undertaking testing/inspection at regular intervals and responding to callouts for general maintenance tasks. 

What sort of jobs does a commercial electrician do?

Commercial electricians will carry out a variety of tasks in a business premise with as little disruption to the running of the business as possible. This is easily achieved by good communication and planning with the clients prior to an appointment and on-site on that given day. Some examples of the many tasks a commercial electrician would be able to help you with are; Replacing a damaged socket, installing new LED lighting, portable appliance testing, fault finding, electrical testing of the installation, disconnection and reconnection of new equipment along with many other electrical tasks.

How to choose a commercial electrician

There are many ways to choose a commercial electrician but the most popular is going to be a quick internet search. When doing this it is easy to get drawn in by a fancy website, so once you have chosen a couple of options for the work you need doing it is always a good idea to speak with anyone who may have had an experience with that company. There are several organisations which regulate the training and work of electrical enterprises here in the UK, check that the contractor is a member of one of these bodies. As you should with anybody working on your business premises check they have valid insurance so that if anything were to go wrong you know it will be covered, following on from this make sure they have health and safety policies in place to prevent anything going wrong to start with. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of qualifications. Lots of commercial electricians will be part of the Electrical Contractor Scheme which check qualifications and issue cards detailing what a contractor may hold.

Why do I need a commercial electrician?

It is a good choice to use an electrician who has experience of working in a commercial environment as the demands of what a commercial client need will differ from a domestic client. A commercial electrician will have access to a different and more diverse range of tooling/plant/materials to complete jobs and on the whole, be more prepared and qualified to tackle any electrical task you require at your premises.

Do commercial electricians need to be registered?

All Electricians must be registered to a regulating organisation in order to sign off any work they complete. Here at Elec-Tech, we are a member of the following:

NICEIC - National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting

CHAS - Contractors Health and Safety Scheme 

What qualifications should a Commercial Electrician have?

Our electricians are fully qualified and have at least Level 3 NVQ in electrotechnical services/installations/maintenance, AM2 practical assessment, Regulation update certificate (18th edition), IPAF-Powered access qualification and Testing and inspection qualifications. 

What is the difference between a Commercial Electrician and a Domestic Electrician?

A Commercial electrician will be more experienced in a wider variety of cable types and containment systems than would be used by a domestic electrician. A commercial electrician will be capable of safe installation and maintaining 3phase equipment and circuits. They will be able to comply and complete any paperwork you require prior to work beginning on-site. The risk of working in a commercial premiss is much larger than that of domestic premises, commercial electricians insurance is designed to be better to cover this aspect of work.

What should you do if you have a problem with your Commercial Electrics?

Call a qualified professional, explain the problem. If it is outside of office hours ensure they have a 24hr service etc

If you encounter a problem with your electrics it is best to seek the help and advice of a qualified professional. Call your electrician and explain the problem as best you can with as much information as possible to help them arrive on-site as best prepared for the situation as they can be. There are many businesses that operate outside of the normal 9-5 so check that your electrician can serve you when you will require it with call outs/reactive maintenance. 

How do I Get a Commercial Electrical Certificate?

All Electrical installations will require testing at regular intervals. The most recent certificate will identify when the next inspection should take place. Portable appliance testing can also be carried out by your commercial electrician to ensure all appliances are safe to continue use. Any work carried out on the premises by your commercial electrician will receive a certificate

How often do I need an Electrical Inspection?

The Frequency of electrical testing is specified in the latest wiring regulations, Your commercial electrician will advise on testing intervals and note this time period on your test certificate. If you are unsure when you need an electrical test your commercial electrician can advise based on the use of the building/site.

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